Why Year Long Pest Control is Important at Your Home

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Have you ever noticed that pests seem to disappear when the seasons change and the temperature begins to drop? It is as if they just go away with no sign of where they went. Most people believe that the cold weather kills pests. They even seem to rejoice when the weather turns bitterly cold believing that this will eliminate the creatures that they don’t want to see. The reality is that pests are just like humans, when it gets cold outside they go inside to warm up and find shelter.

Pests over winter in homes when the temperature outside reaches a level where they can’t survive. Mice seek warmth and food, wasps and lady bugs seek a corner to hide in and set out the winter, just waiting for a nice warm day. The metabolism of pests does slow down during this time so they don’t appear as frequent as in warmer weather, but they are still there. Just as we enjoy that rare winter day when the temperature warms above what we are used to so do the pests that are in your home. We have all seen a wasp that appears on that January day when it gets warm, it didn’t hatch out that morning. It had been there the whole time just waiting for an opportunity to appear.

There are things that can be done to keep your home from being the winter refuge for these unwanted pests. Sealing as many cracks and holes around the exterior of your home as possible is the first step. Caulk anywhere that a pipe or cable enters your home. It doesn’t take a large opening for them to find a way in, a mouse can enter your home through a hole the size of a dime. Check all of your foundation vents and make sure they are secure and sealing tightly to your home. Look for light around all of your exterior doors, seals compress and wear out over time and need to be replaced. These are all simple and inexpensive steps that will keep your home sealed better and reduce the pests’ ability to come inside. For those that do manage to make it in, there is another solution that they can’t escape from.

The proven effectiveness of year round and thorough pest control treatment is essential in keeping your home pest free. Exterior treatments provide a barrier that will keep insects away from those tiny openings around your home that you didn’t seal because you didn’t see them. Treating the crawl space and attic are keys to keeping the interior of your home pest free while not having to treat the inside of your home. When these services are combined and performed by a pest management professional you can rest assured that your home will not be a pest refuge.

If you would like to learn more about the ways that we can help to keep your home pest free for the entire year please contact us today at 615-851-4912.


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