What’s all the buzz about Mosquitoes?

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All that you want is to be able to sit on your deck or patio and enjoy a cup of coffee without being annoyed, or worse, being bitten by mosquitoes. That isn’t too much to ask, is it? No, it isn’t. You can have your yard back with an effective mosquito management program.

Mosquitoes are annoying to say the least but they also can be vectors of many types of disease. Aside from the annoyance factor, mosquitos are pests that need to be eliminated from your yard. The process that is used by most pest control professionals isn’t complicated or expensive and is quite effective.

The most common treatment plan includes treating all accessible bushes, shrubs and foliage with a residual product. The treatment usually takes less than 45 minutes to complete and will provide approximately 3 – 4 weeks of mosquito reduction. It isn’t possible to eliminate 100% of the population, if someone promises you this they aren’t being honest. 85% – 90% reduction is very common and also very noticeable as you are enjoying your coffee.

Mosquito services need to be performed monthly during the mosquito season (usually April – October). The products are applied in a very fine mist by a special piece of equipment that pushes the product deep into the harborage areas that mosquitos like. This fine mist is more likely to be affected by rain and UV rays, therefore the need to have monthly treatments.

Treatment costs vary based upon the size of the area to be treated and the amount of vegetation in your yard. Average homes start around $75 per treatment and are needed from April – October in most areas. In some cases companies may provide a discount if you agree to a season long program.

As with all professional services be sure to choose a professional pest control operator who has the correct licenses, insurance and credentials to do the job. There are many ways of doing this but checking with the BBB, local and national associations and local chambers of commerce are 3 excellent ways to help you find a local professional that will help you to get your yard back.


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