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Termite Control Termite Treatment Nashville, TN

Termites are one of the primary pests that can invade your home in Nashville. The climate has just the right amount of moisture for termites to thrive and take residence in your home.   Imagine that one day you step onto your beautiful hardwood floor and you notice some random pieces of flooring here and there look like they have been eaten away at and you have no idea why, it is after all, new flooring. You do some research on the matter and find that termites might have had something to do with the problem. It’s important to protect your home from termites.

Ways to protect your home from a massive termite infestation are to remove any loose wood away from your house, regularly check your home, and call an exterminator at the first sign of termites.

Move any loose wood:

The easiest way to protect your home and prevent a termite infestation is to move any and all loose wood from the exterior of your home. Mulch, firewood, and wood chips should be moved away from your home’s foundation. Leaving loose wood laying around is the easiest way for termites to make a home.   It supplies the two things that termites need to survive and thrive; a moist environment to live in and wood for them to eat. While moving the wood, if you suspect a termite problem, please call PEST, Inc. We can determine how serious the situation might be for you.

Regularly check the outside of your home:

Do a check around your home once in awhile. Make a habit of checking for termites while mowing the grass in the summer or the early fall and winter months while raking the leaves. Check around the exterior of your home for signs of termites. Also, be on the lookout for any areas where water and wood meet each other because termites love areas where it is moist and have easy access to wood. So if you don’t normally rake your leaves around the foundation of the house, be sure to do that. Allowing leaves to remain on the ground helps keep in the moisture and termites love moisture.


PEST, Inc. is ready for your call if you suspect a termite infestation. Termite protection is our specialty. Termites will leave signs of their presence, you should know what you’re looking for. Before they cause hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damage, make sure to keep an eye out for the following signs.

What to look for:

Damaged paint on your siding or cracks in your concrete foundation could be signs of termites.   A termite only needs a crack as thin as a piece of paper to be able to get into your home and start destroying the foundation. If you see any cracks be sure to cover them immediately. Seeing flying termites or “swarmers” flying around your house is an obvious sign of problems. The earliest and easiest indication of termites in your home is if you see discarded wings on the ground. Call PEST, Inc. immediately!


Keep a check on warning signs that could indicate a termite problem. Keep the PEST, Inc. phone number on hand in case you see suspicious activity around your home. (615) 851-4912

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