Nashville, TN Rodent Control Services

Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

Droppings (also known as feces), gnaw marks or something small and scurrying are the 3 easiest ways to recognize signs that you may have arodent infestation in your Nashville home.  Determining the level of infestation is best inspected by a licensed professional who has been trained and has experience in dealing with mice and rats.

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When Are Mice and Rats Most Active?

For most residential customers you will see these pests in the spring or fall as the temperatures change. Usually they enter from your attic or crawlspace but anywhere else that you may have an opening is fair game. If there is a disturbance around your home such as renovations or new construction nearby then you may find yourself with an infestation as well. Our Nashville mice and rat control experts can treat mice or rats as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with another pest treatment.

I See Signs of Rodents, What Do I Do Now?

If you determine that you have an infestation the first thing that you should do is call a professional.  A lot of times homeowners will use over-the-counter products and think the problem is under control.  A pest professional understands that you additionally have to determine the points of entry and what attracted them to the home in the first place to maintain long-term control.

Getting Rid Of Your Rodent Infestation 

At some point or another, just about every home becomes invaded by a mouse or two. This especially becomes a problem when it turns into an infestation. As cute as they can be, mice can become a real issue and even compromise the integrity of your home. So here are 2 ways to get rid of them.


Mice don’t actually like your home. They just want a nice warm place to live and eat. Take these things away from them and your rodent friends will likely go elsewhere for their needs.

Obviously, mice aren’t picky eaters, but taking away easy access to food will go a long way to eliminate them from your home. Take a few minutes to go through all your pantries and confirm food isn’t somehow accessible. Look for bags where mice may have chewed through. If you notice that’s happening, you’ll have to move those items to Tupperware containers or other impenetrable options.

Exclusion also means checking your home to find ways that the mouse got in. Seal all your doors so when they’re closed, they're tight.


Remove Hiding Spots

While mice may be living in your walls, it’s also quite possible they’re making a home in your garage, woodpile or other places where they can find plenty of cover. Take this opportunity to remove any clutter and you may signs of mice, but less of them after the treatment is performed.