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5 Important Facts about Cockroaches

Everyone is familiar with cockroaches. If you’ve ever had the displeasure of turning on a kitchen light in the middle of the night, only to see them all scurry, it’s not something you’ll soon forget. But there are some important facts we should all appreciate about them. Here are five.

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Getting Roach Pest Control in Nashville, TN Could Help Asthma

About 50 years ago scientists confirmed that people can be allergic to cockroaches. When the pests die, they decompose, the remnants of which can become airborne and inhaled. In some, this triggers an allergic response that leads to asthma. Sadly, the amount of children with asthma has been on the rise in recent years and many scientists believe it’s due to more kids playing inside where these allergens exist. Unlike some allergic responses, however, the asthma lasts year round and only a doctor can diagnose it.

German Cockroaches

Despite their name, German cockroaches are common in homes all over the world. One reason is because of how fast they multiply. German cockroaches only live for about six months. But in that time, a female can produce eggs six to eight times. This can add up to thousands of German cockroaches in your home in just a few months.

They’re Advanced

Roaches might not have high IQs, but they’re extremely advanced creatures—being around since the dinosaurs will do that. They have extremely complicated social structures, on par with ants, that allow them to work together in the search for sustenance. Their memories are also so good which helps them predict when food will be available.

They’re Fast

Of course, cockroaches don’t need to multiply constantly in order to be everywhere at once. That’s because cockroaches are extremely fast—clocking in at about two miles an hour. If they were the size of a cheetah, they’d be nearly as fast. Given their speed, you’ll never stomp them all. What you need are traps, baits and a professional.

Cockroaches Eat Anything

If you’re trying to starve your roach infestation out, you’ll be in for a very long campaign. Yes, most of them like sweets, but they’re far from picky. Cockroaches have been known to eat grease, glue, wallpaper, soap, book bindings, leather and even hair.

Not only can they eat just about anything, they can eat nothing for as long as six weeks at a time. They can even go without water for two weeks.

Hopefully this information helps you appreciate how formidable an opponent cockroaches can be. That’s why the moment you notice them in your home you need to call a roach exterminator before they begin to multiply.