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When it comes to residential pest control, there are times where a simple pest problem can be resolved by the homeowner.  With certain pests, a small problem can be a sign of a much bigger issues in which only a trained professional can identify.  It is particularly important to leave pest control to the professionals when children and family pets are nearby.  Our licensed pest professionals are trained to find the safest, most effective solution to resolve the pest control needs for your home.

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Pest Control

Over the years we’ve learned that often times a small pest problem is the sign of something bigger. Trust your pest professionals.

Termite Control

Termites are known to eat through hardwood floors, door frames drywall and more. Early detection is very important.

Rodent Control

Mice are known to live out there entire lives within 50 feet. Both mice and rats are very adaptable to many environments.

Other Services

A damp crawlspace that is not properly ventilated can cause mold and fungi to grow and/or weaken any exposed wood.

Greater Nashville’s Most Common Pest Problems

Ants Rodents Bed Bugs Termites Mosquitoes Fleas & Ticks


The three most common ants to invade Nashville homes and businesses are the odorous house ant, pavement ants and the wood destroying carpenter ant. The reason why it is so difficult for homeowners to perform ant control on their own is that the pest control needed for each of these species is different. Identification is the very first step when considering what to do next. Pest management is best left to the professionals in most cases.

Here are the Top 5 Things Every Homeowner Should Do To Avoid An Ant Infestation

• Fix leaking plumbing fixtures on the exterior of the home.
• Regularly clean food debris from exterior trash cans.
• Channel any standing water away from the home.
• Clean up fallen fruit from fruit trees that may be on your property.
• Have your home inspected annually for any hidden invitation for ants and other pests.


Rodents, more specifically mice and rats, are quite common in Greater Nashville.  There are some very unique characteristics that make them difficult to control and allow them to adapt well to most environments.  The key to successful rodent control is understanding the rodents three key elements of survival as it relates to your home.

The Top 3 Questions Every Homeowner Should Know If They Find Evidence of a Rodent Infestation In Their Home

  • What is their food source?
  • What is their source for shelter?
  • What is their water source?

When it comes to mice, these three items can often be found within 20 feet of the evidence of their existence in your home.  Rats tend to cover a larger area.  Knowing this and how to deal with these dynamics can mean the difference between sort term and long term control.  Consult with one of our rodent specialists.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are great hiders and therefore become well traveled.  Not only that, studies have shown that bed bugscan actually live for up to a year without feeding.  What does this mean for you?  At the very first sign of these critters…call for professional help!  Bed bug infestations are probably more common than you know.  A study reported by the National Pest Management Association explains that 99.6% of the pest control companies worldwide that participated said they had encountered bed bugs in the last year.

The Top 3 Places To Look For Signs of A Bed Bug Infestation

  • Live bugs on bedding and/or mattress.
  • Small blood stains on mattress or headboard.
  • Clusters or spotting in ceiling corners of an infested room
An effective strategy to resolve a bed bug problem within a home can be very complex and therefore should be left to the professionals.


The most common termite that we deal with in the Greater Nashville area is the subterranean termite. The subterranean termite live primarily in colonies under ground and when they surface for a food source like the wood of a home, they will eat for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There are 3 distinguishing signs that termites may be on or in your property.

• Termite Swarm
• Termite Damage
• Termite Mud Tubes

If you feel at any point any of these signs exist, it is important to schedule a termite inspection immediately. Early detection can save you $100’s to $1,000’s in most cases. It is equally important to have your home inspected annually for termites by a qualified inspector.


Although mosquitoes are most known for their annoying itch, they have become more popular in the media because of the rise in West Nile Virus cases.  If you have foliage around your property, a Mosquito Reduction Program can help in the fight against their reproduction.  In a Mosquito Reduction Program the treatment is primarily focused on where mosquitoes may rest, harbor or reproduce.

A Mosquito Reduction Program alone will not prevent the spread of West Nile virus.  It is important that neighborhoods and communities get involved in removing those invitations that contribute to their reproduction.   Together we can all do our part to protect our loved ones from the threats that mosquitoes may cause.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks are quite common in and outside Greater Nashville are homes.  While fleas are most known for their bite and how fast they multiply, ticks are a little more scary because of their relation to Lyme disease.  It’s important to monitor your pets for both fleas and ticks regularly.  At the first sign of either, for the safety of your pet, it’s best to consult your veterinarian.  To protect your family it’s best to call on your local pest control professional.

Little do people know, flea eggs hatch in as little as 21 days and can begin to reproduce themselves shortly thereafter.  Ticks are often found on the edge of foliage waiting for an unsuspecting host to come walking by.

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