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Finding a termite inspection company that delivers quality every time can be difficult. We understand that with every inspection, it’s more than just that…it’s your reputation! We make the inspection process easy for you with no hassle scheduling using Sentrilock access. Reports, graphs & invoices are emailed to you so you're ready for for a smooth closing!

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When your PEST, Inc., termite inspector arrives, the inspection will be performed on the exterior perimeter of the home, any areas inside the home that are built on a slab (garage, converted garage, or basement), and the crawl space area of the home. It’s important to add that the inside living areas of the home will be inspected if any questionable areas are discovered during the inspection.

The Termite Inspection Report

An inspection report, also known as the NPMA-33, will be issued at the completion of the inspection if the inspection does not show any evidence of termite infestation. If there is evidence of infestation, an estimate will be offered at that time for a termite treatment to remedy the infestation.

What If Signs Of A Pest Infestation Are Found?

It’s important to know that for HUD, FHA, or VA purposes an infestation does not have to be active (show live wood destroying pests) to be of concern. Evidence of an existing infestation can consist of several things including termite shelter tubes, termite damage, or wood debris that has termite infestation. If any evidence of an infestation is found during the inspection process, your PEST, Inc. termite inspector will gladly provide you with a solution to get you through the closing process with ease.

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