The House Centipede is a Great Indicator That You May Need Pest Control Services in Nashville, TN

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The House Centipede is a Great Indicator That You May Need Pest Control Services in Nashville, TN
You have seen them. They are creepy. They are like miniature monsters from a Lovecraft inspired nightmare. They have fifteen pairs of legs that seem like fifty. They can travel sixteen inches a second. They can crawl up your wall and across your ceiling and being nocturnal, they usually do these things at the end of your long, hard, frazzling day, when you are least prepared to defend your home from this unwanted demon spawn creature. They are all over America, but feel especially at home in Nashville.
This is the House Centipede, less commonly known as Scutigera coleoptrata, and more commonly known as the “Aw Heck No” Bug. But perhaps the unsettling fear it induces has led to a shroud of mystery that cloaks the truth about this night time hunter. There are some things you should know about this marathon running unwanted house guest.
Is It a Mini-Murder Machine?

First, no, it’s actually harmless. Sure, it has a bigger African cousin that sports a deadly venom it injects into its victims through its feet. But our local Nashville house centipedes have no such weapons. In fact, its jaws are not close to being able to pierce even a precious baby’s skin. They can freak you out, but they can’t hurt you. Unless, of course, you are one of the rare people allergic to them, in which case you might endure a mild skin rash.

Other possible centipede induced injuries include smashing your face into a closed door while attempting to execute a hasty escape. Or, maybe, spilling a scalded cup of coffee on yourself as jump in fear at the first sight of one. But to be fair, those injuries are hardly the centipede’s fault. If you see one, be brave, it’s ugly, but it’s not going to hurt you. That said, it’s also not afraid of you. So you’ll have to shoo it away if you want it gone. Due to their speed and a body designed to endure the soles of shoes, attempts to squash them usually end up with the human combatant feeling dejected and inadequate.

So Why Is It An Indicator That You Need Pest Control Services in Nashville, TN?

The house centipede is what biologists call an “apex predator.” A lion is an apex predator on the African plains. That means it holds the top position in the food chain of an ecosystem. It is the thing that eats the other things. Like the lion, the house centipede rules over the ecosystem of your home. Now, there would be no lions if there were no gazelles. So, it stands to reason you’d see no house centipedes if there were no prey. These hunters feed upon termites, cockroaches, silverfish, bedbugs, ants, spiders, and an assortment of other lessor evils hiding between the walls and under the floors of your home.

In this way, you might think of the presence of the house centipede as an early warning siren alerting you to the need for a home inspection by a qualified provider of pest control services in Nashville, TN. After all, one house centipede means there is a big enough population of other crawlers to satisfy its voracious appetite. So if you live in the Nashville area, maybe you should give us a call at (615) 851-4912 and let us take a look at your home’s nooks and crannies.
So What Else Do You Need To Know?

Well, not much, but you might like to know that it grooms itself like a cat, meticulously using its mandibles to clean each of its pairs of legs from stem to stern in order. If it is missing a leg, it still goes through the motions of cleaning the space where the absent appendage used to be. If it is interrupted, it retreats, then returns to cleaning right where it left off. If it were a cat, this would be adorable.

Pest control service providers offer a number of words of advice for preventing the appearance of these pests. Like silverfish and other bugs, it likes warm, dark, damp places. So you can help alleviate their presence by using a dehumidifier, installing a better shower fan, and trimming back hedges and clearing debris from around the outside of your home. But a good Nashville, TN pest control services provider will remind you that if you see them, something is likely there too, and you should consult your friendly Nashville area exterminator. That’s us.

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