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Fleas are one of the most irritating pests that you will encounter. The bite isn't always felt until after the flea has moved on to another part of your body or to the body of a loved one or pet. Fleas are not the simplest of insects to eliminate but it can be done. Having a pest control professional perform a thorough treatment and making all areas of the home accessible are two keys that will insure the best results.

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Flea Extermination at an Affordable Cost

Flea infestations can take multiple treatments because of the long life cycle that they possess. There are usually many more fleas that are not visible for every one that is seen. Our Nashville tick and flea exterminator experts are adept at locating all areas they have infested.  A minimum of three treatments is usually recommended to effectively control a home with a flea infestation. The eggs will hatch out for up to ninety days.

Homeowner Participation to Prevent Infestations

It is very important for effective tick and flea control to keep the carpeted areas clean and free of clutter when the treatment is being performed. You should vacuum all carpeted areas prior to treatment and the bag should be discarded outside the home. Monthly treatments need to be performed on a regular basis.