Ant Infestations in Homes are Typically Caused by These 4 Things

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Ants may be tiny but their impact can be huge when they amass large numbers. And if you see one ant, you know there are more coming. Every colony sends out scouts to find food, so if you only find a couple in your home, know they’re checking the place out before sending in the infantry. Here are four things you can do so ants find nothing worth reporting.


Every home looks better when it’s cleaned often. Fortunately, ants don’t think so. It’s extremely important that you get rid of all the clutter in your home as this is a great place for ants to congregate and even find sustenance.

Moisture is also something you want to keep an eye out for. Ants, like many insects (termites, mosquitoes, etc.), love moisture they can easily access. Unfortunately, most of us don’t notice the issue. Check anywhere a drip could be happening, like around your fridge, pipes and anywhere rain can get to. Make sure these areas are cleaned or repaired.

Ants Love Sugar

If you think your kids love sugar, wait till you see how devoted ants are to their favorite food. Keep any sugar you use for cooking in the refrigerator where ants won’t be able to reach it. Be sure when you slice fruit or pour juice, you’re not leaving remnants behind. What appears invisible to us is a huge hit on the radar for ants on the hunt for easy food.


Another favorite food item of ants is grease. They can’t get enough of the stuff. Unfortunately, many of our homes produce exorbitant amounts of the stuff. Whether it’s from cooking bacon or even baking some of our favorite recipes, it can become an easy food source to the enterprising ants. So, just like with sugar, be sure to clean up immediately and clean often in case you missed any spots.


You read that right. Weather may in fact be one of the best predictors for an ant infestation. Even better than the amount of moisture or food left out in your home. A little referenced study from Stanford done in 2001 showed that there are two weather conditions that drive ants into nearby homes: summer droughts and winter rainstorms. So when this weather is anticipated, do some rounds. Make sure your home is clean, uninviting and free of any holes or entrances ants might get through.

Although they may seem like just a nuisance, ants can cause huge problems if allowed. Consider the above four causes for seeing them and keep your home safe.

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